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Just Do It
Friday, April 4, 2014 | 0 comments
Cewwah title konon mcm atlet mcm hebaq mcm gempak pahadal eleh benda kecik mcm ciput nasi lemak 50sen kau kecoh pehal. Ok suka hati, haters go die i'm living well eventho uolls put me down hua hua hua don't care already you hv no guts.

Actually i doesn't means to hurt anybody here i nak update blog dgn hati gembira tapi tu la mcm tak best kang ada yg mcm2 better serang dr awal Hahaha not funny cha hastag lawak hambar hastag mental breakdown hastag okbai

Okay, gambar syoks sewndirian berhad Hahaha sekarang Kedah tengah hujan bunga. Bayangkan before ni almost more than one months no rain caused many of plants died but now? Haaaa, Korea terus tau Kedah Hahaha naissssss

Actually kan Cik ChaGojewssssGahhGituwzz bukan nak show off ke apa just wanna show uolls my effort after trying so hard (padahal take abt 2hours je practice) aahh however still makes perfect whuttt? *angkatkeningzianazain* Weheee. 

Ignore my superior's faces on doing this i know cute like princess thankyou hahaha don't jugde aaa Hahaha Btw thanks to fatin bcs being my perfect partners who are willing to this together and jogging every evening with me awwwwh. Hopes ur dream to lose weight & hv a ideal body will become true! Always put a positive vibes in your daily life. Cewwah bajet trainer Hahaha 

K la thats all. Quote fr today, 
People who always mengumpat or put you down hv no guts ignore them just live with your positive vibes!

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