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Value of friendship
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 | 0 comments

Yesterday, i start my day with full of hope which i hope the day would be a day that i'll be happy for the whole day. Yeah, it started well, i'm going to class, and i and my roommates hv plan to had a lunch at Le'Boss restaurant which i crave on it. Alhamdullillah, bila malam tu, Ahhh. I know i shouldn't make up with my own story here, but I mmng terasa ya amats at that time. Terasa on what? Uhm, better i just kept this feelings before this little things become worse. 

Sumpah aku tak pernah ada kawan yang macam ni sepanjang hidup aku. I've cry a lot when i'm telling this to my bf. Yeah, it just a small matter, but put yourself at my place. I just hate all em'. Aku marah sangat sampai kalau boleh aku tanak tengok muka dorang. You know what i just don't give fuck to them anymore. I thought friendship was something bila kau senang and susah dia ada sama-sama. Ah, i just fucked up. It's been a long tyme i keep this fucking feeling and now it hurt me more and more. 

Ya, i know this was just a small matter, when a girl keep that small matter for a long time and it's getting worse, you will know how that small matter of problems could change the way she act towards you. Oh ya! Bitches friend doesn't realize any changed so just let it be! Peace.

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