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Happy New Year!
Wednesday, January 1, 2014 | 0 comments


Lets be more grateful for today and more stronger for tomorrow.

Happy New Year youalls! I know everyone must be on the happy mood and have been made a list down what to do for the whole 2014. But i do nothing because I malassssssss the max. As usual, I malas ya amats and maybe that kind of attitude would never change seems everyone likes me as i am. Unless if someone rebuke me and Insya'allah i'll changed :( Hahaha.

In this 2014, i just want to be happy among of people that love me and maybe with ppl who always put me down? Hm Hahaha, i won't be sad as what have happens on me on 2013. Life wasn't cruel, we say it cruel because by the way we act in our life makes our life more in depressed and everything seems wrong. So this year, all we need is just to be grateful with everything. Allah always plans the best for his servant.

Lets be HAPPY yay Cha is happy....krikrik*cengkerik* Hahaha.

Thats all lah, kalau update blog mesti ambil masa lama sgt Harharhar

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