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My heart
Wednesday, December 18, 2013 | 0 comments

My heart wasn't strong enough like yours to not even care.
Is it strong? Or actually it must be called as cruel?
I just don't understand, we suppose to be perfect but should i end up this?
Ah, it's been a long time, you let me to be like this.
I'm not bored, or even stop loving you. No, defenitely.
I'm just wonder, did I deserve to be treated like this, while there's many people out there can makes me happy than yours.
But, i'm stupid enough, hope everything from you while it just a 'hope' and it will be end up with all the regrets of mine.
Hm, i just want you to change, not to give up.
Even i've been hurt for so many times, i know you can makes me smile again.

Ila's say so to me: Boyfriend is someones that bring happiness to us not makes you sad for whole day, cry because lose hope on him and he should be the one that will you more happier not others.

Hm, I was thinking maybe i hope to much. Maybe I meet the wrong guy. Maybe relationship is totally shit. Ahhh, get a life cha. Move On.

If he still love, he will do EVERYTHING that you deserve. Just don't give up

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